domingo, 11 de setembro de 2011

Post-it 008

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Bruno Chekerdimian disse...

I think that somebody was reading or watching the new frontier! Hehehehe!
Great post-its! Your character designs are amazing!

andrebdois disse...

opaaa.. brigadao amigo... é uma honra.

LLOYD disse...

oh yeah! some new stuff!! The superman drawing was very familiar especially the eyes..but couldn't figure out why..when i read Bruno Chekerdimian's comment..then it hit does evoke a Darwyn Cooke feel to it very nice Alex!

Alexandre Augusto disse...

Hello Bruno and Lloyd.
I think this drawing I did looks like the Superman drawn by Darwin Cooke, and looks a bit like the Superman drawn by the Fleischer studios, the animation of the 40's.
I am a BIG fan of Darwin Cooke, he's my favorite comic-book artist today and "The New Frontier" is one of the best stories ever written in comics!
To me he is a genius like Alex Toth, Will Eisner. Take a look at the graphic novel "Parker" that he is drawing, is sensational!
I would love to draw as well as Darwin Cooke!
If I could have super powers or magical abilities I would love to draw like Darwin Cooke, but unfortunately this is impossible!
Thanks for the comments!

Bruno Tedesco disse...

Hehe, muito bom Alê, adorei o Superman, um dos meus heróis favoritos(como ja havia dito).
E só fazendo um comentário, realmente, o Darwin Cooke desenha muito, também sou fã do trabalho dele... mas também sou fã do Alexandre Ferreira, não fica nem um pouco pra trás! Parabéns, abção.

renatoons disse...

Muito bom, como sempre!!!
Go Brother Go

LLOYD disse...

Indeed!! it does have the early Fleischer vibe to it other than Darwyn Cooke's..i fell in love with Negreiros instantly!! i am not very familiar with south american artists but i think i'll be digging deep into that Negreiros site for! thanks alex!

You also mentioned the 50's yes!..i do love the 50's i admire almost all of the mid century artists most especially Earl Oliver Hurst his fluid lines are a beauty to behold

Speaking of mid century artists i don't know if you have this site locked in but i noticed that it isn't part of your awesome links but i'd like to share it to you anyway it's Leif Peng's awesome's a blog that is full of mid century artists drawings from Albert Dorne to Ben Shan etc. it's all there check it out. Thanks for dropping by alex!..very much appreciated.

Celso disse...

Esse é o verdadeiro Homem de Aço.

Você já fez o desenho, agora é só produzir o boneco.!!!

- Eu compro...


PQ! disse...

digo o mesmo, abraço!

Cauê Zunchini disse...

ALEXXXXX .... seu monstro do DESENHO!

cara isso ta maravilhoso !! Parabens pelos trabalhos cara ... esta sendo otimo pra mim trabalhar com voces ... estou aprendendo mais a cada dia .. é muito motivante ver gente boa e que realmente gosta de desenho !!... sucesso para todos nós =) .... grande abraço e PARABENS pelos trabalhos cara como sempre arrebentando !!